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success stories

Maxwell Bohlman

OCB Pro Natural Bodybuilder 



“I have known Petro for almost 5 years now and since the first time we trained together, I knew this guy whom would later become my best friend is all about focus, intensity, passion and results with training and nutrition. Petro and I have been in each others lives for our careers as natural competitors and every show I've done yields better results than the previous. When those long tough days of dieting and training arrive, he has always been an Inspiration and extreme motivator to stay focused and believe what is capable of being achieved. "Believe it, and it's already yours." Getting ready for my last show at the OCB Nationals, Petro helped dial in my physique to the best it's ever been and the results prove it! He didn't leave my side from the moment I arrived at the hotel until the moment I closed my eyes that Saturday night. Constantly making sure I felt good and making solid adjustments to how I looked with responses to nutrition, I owe a vast majority of my success (past, present, and future) to Petro. With advice and guidance on nutrition, posing, training and everything else in between, he has proved that with a clear goal and unstoppable focus that anything can be achieved, "Its yours GO TAKE IT!"

Steven Breard

(General weight loss)


“After training with Andrew for one year, my results were dramatic. I hadn't exercised regularly for over 20 years and he helped me to establish good habits in proper diet and workout routines. My body fat started at 23% and now I easily maintain 9 to 12 at 47 years old. My strength and  endurance has more than doubled in some categories and quadrupled in others. I am extremely satisfied and grateful with the help Andrew has provided and still benefiting from it over 2 years later."

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