Mandy Crandell

(General weight loss)


I was a wreck before coming to Shannon. I had no idea even what "counting calories” was. Everyday was a battle for me to feel good in my skin. I tried EVERYTHING! Isagenix, Slim Fast, Plexus Slim, Phentermine, Starvation, Liquid diet, HCG… oh my list could go on and on. I HATED myself and what I had let happen. I got married in 2008 and I quit all physical activity pretty much. I gained 30 pounds and then had 4 kids in 4 years and found myself 70 pounds overweight. I would always wear black and long sleeve or longer sleeve because I hated my arms, I would never button my pants, I felt like I had to wear multiple layers to flatten out my imperfections under my clothes. I just was unhappy, and not to mention I was so “healthy stupid” I had no idea what even consisted of a macronutrient. My sister had been a client of Andrews for a while and I always just thought that lifestyle isn’t for me. I went to the office in my 36th week of pregnancy to inquire more about flexible dieting. I told them I would be back when I was ready.


June 30th I started my macro journey. Shannon was AMAZING. I have had multiple personal trainers, but never had I had one that has so quickly become to important to me. A friend, a coach, a mentor, an example, someone who holds me accountable and WANTS to see me succeed. She’s brutally honest, hates excuses and I love her for that. She was exactly everything I needed in one little tiny human being to get me to believe in myself. To show me I CAN do hard things and that I was a mother freaking Champion. I started with her June 30th. The picture below on the left is my broken down self who had NO idea I had it in me to make such a transformation. The picture on the right is December 30. I gained so much more than losing 40 pounds. I learned that I could be consistent and persistent, I learned that I had and could CONTROL my self control. I learned to love myself even though I still had a journey to finish ahead of me. I learned how to CONTROL food and to UTILIZE food to work for me and my body. I learned how to control myself in a restaurant and at outings with friends. I used to feel like if I didn’t order everything or TRY everything at a party that I would miss out on something. In this journey with Shannon I DISCOVERED and OVERCAME a binge eating disorder that I didn’t even realize I had. How AMAZING is that???


I can now look at food as exactly what it is. I don’t go to drive thrus anymore and throw away my evidence because I didn’t want people to know that this fat girl had eaten at Taco Bell. I learned that I wasn’t a fat girl. Shannon was incredible when I needed her all the time, but sometimes when I needed her most she was there to be a sounding board and to help guide me back in the right direction. I remember feeling like a failure before I found her. Getting this ONE aspect of my life has helped me in SO many other areas of my life and I am so grateful for her sacrifice of time and energy for her clients. Today I am 3 months pregnant with my 5th so my membership is on hold until this little one is out. Shannon has helped me be able to go into this pregnancy unscared of gaining all the weight back and making healthy food choices and knowing that I can maintain my weight. For once in my 30 years of life I am on top and feel exactly where I felt I should have always been. I am excited to get re signed up in November! In the mean time if you want you life, body and self back, don’t wait. Call Shannon!

Jadyn Walden 

(General weight loss, fitness competition)


"Emotionally and physically draining is how I could describe by fitness journey pre Petro. Not only did I have an unrealistic idea of where I was pushing to be but also a unhealthy way of getting there. For me the battle was not to be strong but to be "skinny." I come from an athletic family, was raised learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and I knew how to lose weight. For some reason I just couldn't get where I wanted to be. I hit the extreme, feeling frustrated I started working out a ridiculous amount fitness classes, followed by a road run morning and evening at least 5-6 days a week. I was a cardio queen, refusing to lift heavy let's face it us females believe it will make us "bulk." My food turned into a  small portion of chicken breast and veggies. Red bull, a lot of red bull, kept me moving forward with energy. I lost weight, looked great, and people were telling me just how great and "healthy" I looked. I felt terrible: constantly tired and run down but loving the high of weightless being noticed. (thus the constant battle between functioning and the desire to be thin)  This obviously isn't a lifestyle one can maintain. Though the amount I exercised remained the same (gaining 15 pounds while doing insanity and running and cardio class) as I ate a more normal portion of food I basically was right back where I started.  I felt guilty every time I missed one of my many workouts. I was basically in a very ugly battle filled place with food, exercise, and my body. Trying to find a balance where I could look good, feel good, and still enjoy life. Emotionally and physically spent, I had my first meeting with Petro.

First off let's just say I had to change my desired goal to something maintainable for my body type. His response after I told him I wanted the thigh gap was "I'm pretty sure that genetic" (The thigh gap isn't in my stars) Petro won me over by first off informing me that no two bodies are the same and each persons system has to be customized not only to their goal but to the way their body responds.

I was extremely shocked when he told me I was over working and under feeding my body. He helped me to fully understand the extreme lifestyle I had taken on. I was extremely hesitant at his approach. He wanted me to work out way less, eat way more, and lift heavy.

 All things that gave me anxiety just thinking about, his valid point being what I was doing wasn't working and to just trust him. I decided to give it a couple months of 100% commitment following his exact guidelines. Forcing myself to eat way more food than I thought was necessary and only doing four 30 minute cardio sessions and four heavy lifting days a week. I have felt like I'm in the gym so little and regularly feeding myself a lot, but my body is finally feeling consistent and routine. I have consistent energy that I haven't had in a long time. The best part is I don't  have to deprive myself of anything I want, I just had to find ways to fit it into my macros for the day. No sticking to a specific chicken and rice diet.

It's not effortless tracking food daily can seem like a chore at times and it's definitely work but it pays off and I'm able to eat the kind of food i want without feeling guilty.


Petro has been such a blessing not only is he guiding me along in this new lifestyle but he is in my corner offering support the whole way. I've never felt like just another client my success is his success. Weight loss and body sculpting can be such an emotional thing (especially for us women) but to have someone fully in your corner encouraging you on the days you feel like you aren't thin enough or on track is a priceless part of Petro's system. He makes sure to provide you with the tools needed to get the best results possible, how you choose to utilize those tools is up to you. Not only have I had great results physically thus far emotionally and mentally I'm in a much healthier place with my body, my goals, and my food! My goals are reached yet and my journeys not over but I'm excited to see just how on par Petro will get me!"

J.A. Graves- CSCS

(Bodybuilding, general weight loss)


"When I first got interested in doing a bodybuilding show I had no clue where to start. I was an experienced lifter and had good amount of knowledge in exercise physiology as a result of my degree; however, I was clueless when it came to the sport of bodybuilding. I knew if I wanted to have a good first experience I would have to get help. So, I reached out to Petro. I was hopeful that with his coaching I could do well, after all, he did win the overall at his first ever competition. Not only was I confident in his ability to coach as a result of his bodybuilding success but I also knew he was going to give an all-out effort to ensure my success. That’s just the type of person he is and always has been. Whether it was track, wrestling or football in high school, he always gave his best effort and displayed an unparalleled amount of passion towards achieving his goals. He was happy to coach me through my first bodybuilding show so we signed up together to compete in the NPC Natural Western. I came in with a physique that was neither lean nor big so there was definitely some work to be done. I was probably 175-180lbs. Given the limited amount of time to put on muscle, I did my best with his guidance and in just under two months was able to get to 190lbs. For the next few months I followed his guidance on dieting to achieve a leanness I have never experienced. He meticulously prescribed macros and even monitored sodium/potassium and water for me so I could come in looking my best. He coached me on posing every day and was consistently monitoring my weight, BF% and macros to ensure I was on track. The end result? I placed 5 in my first competition. Since then I have continued to consult Petro when I have questions regarding nutrition/training. Anyone looking to get into great shape, enjoy eating and have a dedicated coach, P3 is the place to go!"

Maxwell Bohlman

OCB Pro Natural Bodybuilder 



“I have known Petro for almost 5 years now and since the first time we trained together, I knew this guy whom would later become my best friend is all about focus, intensity, passion and results with training and nutrition. Petro and I have been in each others lives for our careers as natural competitors and every show I've done yields better results than the previous. When those long tough days of dieting and training arrive, he has always been an Inspiration and extreme motivator to stay focused and believe what is capable of being achieved. "Believe it, and it's already yours." Getting ready for my last show at the OCB Nationals, Petro helped dial in my physique to the best it's ever been and the results prove it! He didn't leave my side from the moment I arrived at the hotel until the moment I closed my eyes that Saturday night. Constantly making sure I felt good and making solid adjustments to how I looked with responses to nutrition, I owe a vast majority of my success (past, present, and future) to Petro. With advice and guidance on nutrition, posing, training and everything else in between, he has proved that with a clear goal and unstoppable focus that anything can be achieved, "Its yours GO TAKE IT!"

Steven Breard

(General weight loss)


“After training with Andrew for one year, my results were dramatic. I hadn't exercised regularly for over 20 years and he helped me to establish good habits in proper diet and workout routines. My body fat started at 23% and now I easily maintain 9 to 12 at 47 years old. My strength and  endurance has more than doubled in some categories and quadrupled in others. I am extremely satisfied and grateful with the help Andrew has provided and still benefiting from it over 2 years later."


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