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Mandy Crandell

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​"June 30th I started my macro journey. Shannon was AMAZING. I have had multiple personal trainers, but never had I had one that has so quickly become to important to me. A friend, a coach, a mentor, an example, someone who holds me accountable and WANTS to see me succeed. She’s brutally honest, hates excuses and I love her for that. She was exactly everything I needed in one little tiny human being to get me to believe in myself. To show me I CAN do hard things and that I was a mother freaking Champion. I started with her June 30th. The picture below on the left is my broken down self who had NO idea I had it in me to make such a transformation. The picture on the right is December 30. I gained so much more than losing 40 pounds. I learned that I could be consistent and persistent, I learned that I had and could CONTROL my self control. I learned to love myself even though I still had a journey to finish ahead of me. I learned how to CONTROL food and to UTILIZE food to work for me and my body. I learned how to control myself in a restaurant and at outings with friends. I used to feel like if I didn’t order everything or TRY everything at a party that I would miss out on something. In this journey with Shannon I DISCOVERED and OVERCAME a binge eating disorder that I didn’t even realize I had. How AMAZING is that???


I can now look at food as exactly what it is. I don’t go to drive thrus anymore and throw away my evidence because I didn’t want people to know that this fat girl had eaten at Taco Bell. I learned that I wasn’t a fat girl. Shannon was incredible when I needed her all the time, but sometimes when I needed her most she was there to be a sounding board and to help guide me back in the right direction. I remember feeling like a failure before I found her. Getting this ONE aspect of my life has helped me in SO many other areas of my life and I am so grateful for her sacrifice of time and energy for her clients. Today I am 3 months pregnant with my 5th so my membership is on hold until this little one is out. Shannon has helped me be able to go into this pregnancy unscared of gaining all the weight back and making healthy food choices and knowing that I can maintain my weight. For once in my 30 years of life I am on top and feel exactly where I felt I should have always been. I am excited to get re signed up in November! In the mean time if you want you life, body and self back, don’t wait."

J.A. Graves

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"When I first got interested in doing a bodybuilding show I had no clue where to start. I was an experienced lifter and had good amount of knowledge in exercise physiology as a result of my degree; however, I was clueless when it came to the sport of bodybuilding. I knew if I wanted to have a good first experience I would have to get help. So, I reached out to Petro. I was hopeful that with his coaching I could do well, after all, he did win the overall at his first ever competition. Not only was I confident in his ability to coach as a result of his bodybuilding success but I also knew he was going to give an all-out effort to ensure my success. That’s just the type of person he is and always has been. Whether it was track, wrestling or football in high school, he always gave his best effort and displayed an unparalleled amount of passion towards achieving his goals. He was happy to coach me through my first bodybuilding show so we signed up together to compete in the NPC Natural Western. I came in with a physique that was neither lean nor big so there was definitely some work to be done. I was probably 175-180lbs. Given the limited amount of time to put on muscle, I did my best with his guidance and in just under two months was able to get to 190lbs. For the next few months I followed his guidance on dieting to achieve a leanness I have never experienced. He meticulously prescribed macros and even monitored sodium/potassium and water for me so I could come in looking my best. He coached me on posing every day and was consistently monitoring my weight, BF% and macros to ensure I was on track. The end result? I placed 5 in my first competition. Since then I have continued to consult Petro when I have questions regarding nutrition/training. Anyone looking to get into great shape, enjoy eating and have a dedicated coach, P3 is the place to go!"

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